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Aug 6, 2009 10:00pm EDT
from india to justify more funding for the f-22. i mean, in fairness, should have justified the threat from canada given the health care debate. take everything he says and put it in a different perspective. >> but this one is particularly juicy, because he defended data mining without people's knowledge during the bush years, but he's now opposed to voluntary sending of white house e-mails, because they might contain e-mail addresses of people who sent out e-mails full of disinformation. just -- i mean, nobody tapped him on the shoulder and said this looks really bad, senator? >> you know, put aside the fact that the white house made clear no one's name or address is going to be collected, the point here to respond to the viral lies and misperceptions we know are already out there that are being fed by these various grass roots groups, calling them a nice name, and that i think is a very smart strategy from the white house. we live in a 24/7 media environment. these viral lies can spread very fast. it is important, i think critical, from the white house perspective, the democrats' per
Aug 10, 2009 8:00pm EDT
." i would have rather seen 13 hours of this from india, indian army stunt man has set out to accomplish the impossible. attempting to ride a moving motorcycle while standing atop a 15 foot ladder for eight hours in a row. donald rumsfeld there was not impressed. the old record is eight hours but interrupted by short breaks. he said he wanted to set the record to bring glory to his indian army daredevil team, plus he was worried he was losing his cool. i may have that mixed up with that shark episode of happy days. anyway, he broke the record. congratulations. and bye. to beijing and artist hong chin who does not let anything go to waste after he puts it down. some throw away the hair after it falls on the flow. mr. chin uses it to build sculptures. the famous building in tiananmen square. had used red dye for some of the walls and also does a brisk walk-in clown business. he has plans to build more communist buildings this year and also collecting dandruff to create a snowy winter scene and i made that last part up. and back to finland for the world's sauna championships.
Aug 19, 2009 8:00pm EDT
the crowd in take me out to the -- as we mentioned in the intro down load it from i-tunes. to india where five years ago the transmission and taxi driver's fiat broke. he lost every gear except reverse but continued to direct customers anyway backwards. for some reason people still get in the cab. five years later he is still driving backwards and has become something of a local celebrity. he uses this charming siren to alert those around him and con torts his body to get a look out the back window for the whole ride. not exactly a private ride for the passenger obviously nor comfortable for mr. deb, quoting him i do have frequent pains in the neck and i have had severe vomiting in the past. pain in the neck? vomiting? you, sir, sound like you're ready for midtown manhattan. polling plus comedy suggests that she is not the best choice for the republicans for president in 2012 if they're going for the wink vote. and this started serious and got worse, that gun owner at a presidential town hall is one dot away from the government manufactured waco guy. these stories ahead. first, best perso
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)